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Some of our services! 

For construction works GTS can assist with;

  • The best turf selection
  • The most appropriate root zone mix for the application and levels of usage- the specifications, installation techniques and quality control procedures
  • The required drainage systems
  • The necessary irrigation requirements
  • The sub-soil drainage requirements – the laterals and main line sizes, spacings, discharge rates and installation techniques
  • The sub base requirements, preparation and compaction levels
  • The necessary maintenance

GTS will help you develop;

  • Specifications
  • Profile design
  • Material selection
  • Drainage design
  • Construction  techniques
  • Turf type selection
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Grass access roads
  • Grass overflow car parks
  • Irrigation audits
  • Facilities audits
  • Problem solutions
  • Product evaluation
  • Water harvesting solutions
  • Staff training

GTS offers industry best solutions from feasibility and budgeting through to construction and project management.